Flower Friday ~ Sunflower

Taken back in summer 2015, in the endless Sunflower fields of the northern Turkish province of Edirne, which is in Eastern Thrace, close to the Greek and Bulgarian borders. .



Doryan Ose – Various Paintings

Doryan Ose or (Dodo Ose) is a Montreal based graffiti and fine artist who specializes in highly rendered surreal portraiture. From the streets to paper and spray cans to watercolour, Doryan executes the fantastical worlds he creates on material brilliantly.



More Flowers at the Flower Market

As we are approaching the Lunar New year, it is the best time to visit the local flower markets. It is just flowers everywhere; we enjoy strolling the Flower Market street and take in the views of all the flowers there. Here is an image of the flowers in an upmarket flower shop. Hope you […]



Painting Bright Colors – Artist Exposé

These images were submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by Artist Janet Weight Reed.       Click on any image to see Janet’s gallery of artwork.         Click on any image to see Janet’s gallery of artwork.       See also: Current Work Nudes By Janet Weight Reed   Back […]



Who’s been stealing my grapes?

Last year it was the fruit rats. And the year before. And the year before that … We had initially thought that it was birds though and I spent hours going through old CDs for the ones I didn’t want or need, and then hanging them with shiny Christmas ribbon in the hope that as […]